The YES Project Films:

These films offer an insight into the lives of young carers as told by young carers themselves. Hear about what the YES Project meant to the young people involved and the messages they want to pass on.


Messages: (6 minutes).

Young people talk about their experiences as a young carer and have a message of support for other young people in a similar situation.

All Work No Play: (7.5 Minutes).

Building and maintaining friendships can be difficult for some young carers, especially when you have to leave quickly, sometimes without explanation. (This story focuses on the impact of caring on young people’s social lives).


Giving You All of My love: (2.5 minutes).

A personal story which highlights the thoughts of a young carer and how it makes them feel. Often the unseen emotional support that young carers provide can lead to isolation which impacts on their own mental health.

Draw My Life: (4.5 minutes).

Family life as a young carer can be difficult as the focus is often on the ‘cared for’. This story helps viewers to understand the everyday practical and emotional support a young carer gives and the impact it has on their lives.


A Mothers Story: (6 minutes).

A follow on to ‘Draw My life’ in which a mother realises what life as a young carer is like for her daughter. We find out what changes the mother makes to support her daughter. The need for a ‘whole family approach’ from services is highlighted by the mother as key to finding the correct support.